Phone Booth Gallery was founded in 2008 in Long Beach, CA and became known worldwide for their unique stable of artists, modest method of operation, and exceptional selection of printed art editions. Originally hosting traveling shows from San Diego to Hollywood, it opened a permanent physical location in 2010, eventually exhibiting at the International Contemporary Art show SCOPE for Art Basel in 2014.

It closed its physical exhibition space in 2015 to pursue new approaches and special projects, leading to its final show in 2016 at The Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA.

Championing an international stable of emerging and mid-career artists, the gallery featured a selection of stylistically diverse, leading edge artwork that blurred the line between fine art, commercial illustration, pop art, advertising, and classical painting.

Phone Booth Gallery had a strong dedication to artists that thrive on alternative tenants, and took pride in harvesting these talents by taking passionate risks. The exhibitions, limited editions, and special projects the gallery curated reflected its intimate relationship between artists, as well as the community that surrounded them.

It was a wild ride.


{ths}, Aaron Brown, Aaron Eskridge, Adam Isaac Jackson, Adrian Penaflor, Alan Villanueva, Alec Huxley, Alex Gardner, Alex R. Kirzhner, Alice Chiang, Allen Arslanian, Angryblue, Anh Tran, Anne Lee, Arlene Asuncion, Arlene Reyes, Ash Thorp, Audrey Pongracz, Aurora Armijo, Aurora Lady, Bennett Slater, Beverly Bartolome, Bianca Brice, Billy Dyson, Brandon Clark, Bryan Schnelle, Casey Weldon, Catherine Yi , Chester Burnett, Cody M Lusby, Corrine Walton, Craww, Cuyler Smith , Dan Christofferson, Dave Perillo, Dave Rankin, David Atkinson, David Lee Owen, Elisa Ang, Elisa Tanaka, Emily Burns, Emmaline Bailey, Erich J. Moffitt, Erik Lomen, Evan Geltosky, Famous When Dead, Florian Meacci, Garry Booth, Gary Musgrave, ghost ghost teeth, Gregory Attonito, Greta Kotz, Hallie Elizabeth, Handiedan, Hanna Jaeun, Hannah Webb, Harry Diaz, Helena Andrews, Iain Macarthur, Ian Ferguson, Ian Williams , Inge Vandormael, Irene Grishin-Selzer, Jack Rossi, James R. Eads , Jason Liwag, Jason Edmiston, Jaya King, Jeff George, Jeff McMillan, Jenna Gibson, Jennie Cotterill, Jennifer Davis, Jennifer Messock, Jeremy Jones, Jessica Jenkins, Jessica Ward, Jodi Jones, Joel Zuercher, John Wales, JoKa, Jonathan Baker, Jonathan Bueno, Juston Tucker, Kareen Rizk, Karin Hassler, Kelsey Short, Ken Taylor, Laurent Durieux, Lena Rushing, Lil Tuffy, Love Life Process, Lupo Avanti, Maikon Nery, Mark Michelon, Martin Ansin, Maxwell Robison, Mayra Fersner, Michael Ramstead, Michael Slack, Michelle Fleck, Mike Knife, Mindy Roffman, MJ Lindo, Monster Kat, Mood Poison, Morten Andersen, Moses Black, Mr. Frivolous, Mr. Sandshrew, Nancy Chiu, Natalie Rosen, Nathan Deyoung, Nathan Wettstead, Neil Segura, Nick Comparone, Nick Marquez, Pascal Cormier, Patricia Ariel, Pauline Thai, Peter Adamyan, Porkchop, Rick Reese, Rico Cabina, Robert Bowen, Robert Hardgrave, Robert Pokorny, Rodrigo Luff, Ryan Milner, Sam Yong, Sandra Chevrier, Sara Haase, Scott Cooper, Scott Flanders, Sean Ghobad, Sean Norvet, Sergio Mora, Shannon Freshwater, Sherlock, Snakeman, Subtle, Tallboy, The Humanzee, Thomas Jackson, Tiffany Lauren, Tobias Geye, Tom Jackson, Tom Whale, Tony Graystone, Tora Hoppe, Two Dimes, Vincent Pacheco, and Will Koffman.



Group Exhibition: Sad and Beautiful World, An Art Show Dedicated to Jim Jarmusch


Group Exhibition: Seven


Agnes-Cecile, Arlene Booth and Pauline Thai: Vanity & Valor
SCOPE Miami Beach
Group Exhibition: Children of Rorschach, Curated by White Matter
Alex Konahin: Anatomy
Group Exhibition: ATX/LBC
Kevin Tong and Tom Whalen: Info•Rama
James Eads:The Truth About Magic
Group Exhibition: 6x6


Group Exhibition: 77
Jay Shaw, Rico Cabina and Jason Liwag: Native Tongue
Group Exhibition: Locals Only
Lora Zombie and Sandra Chevrier: Pow! Pow!
Handiedan, Ken Taylor and Kevin Tong: The Time is Now
Casey Weldon and Michael Ramstead: Inner Wild
Group Exhibition: 5 Year Anniversary
Kevin Tong: Sights Unseen


Dave Rankin: Sea, Snakes and Spikes
Paul Alvarez II and Ian Williams: Wrecked and Ravaged
Group Exhibition: Reimagined
Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin and Rich Kelly: A Distant Winter
Lora Zombie: Whales.Love.Procrastination
Jason Edmiston, Joe King and Ryan Milner: Rock Paper Sinners


Group Exhibition: Almost Blue
Handiedan: United Taste of Miracle
Lola Dupre: Shrapnel
David Soukup: In the Moment
Harry Diaz and Rick Reese: New Works
Bryan Schnelle: Fear & Consumption
Rod Luff: Anima
Jennie Cotterill: Family Album
Group Exhibition: Oh, You Are Sick…, An Art Show Dedicated to David Lynch
Lora Zombie: Broken Doll La La La


Handiedan: Habba Habba
Iain Macarthur: Wildlife
Kevin Tong: Mechanical Dreams
Kareem Rizk: Collagephile
Group Exhibition: Girls! Girls! Girls!
Group Exhibition: Off the Hook III
Mr. Frivolous: Daydreamer


Handiedan: Translucent Skin
Matt Hendon and Joel Zuercher: Bafoozala
Ryan Milner: Papillae Paradise
Bryan Schnelle: Untitled
Maikon Nery: Allegory of the hybrid
Group Exhibition: Smell the Glove, An Art Show Dedicated to Spinal Tap
Mike Knife: Fuck Your Face
Group Exhibition: Off the Hook II
Kevin Bannister: Mundane
Hydeon: Maui Vacation Decision
Iain Macarthur: Portraits of Another World


Handiedan: Sirenum Scopuli
Nathan Deyoung: To Destroy Something Beautiful
Group Exhibition: Artwork and No Play, An Art Show Dedicated to The Shining
Love Life Process: For The Love Of...
Group Exhibition: Eggs and Sausage, An Art Show Dedicated to Tom Waits
Kareem Rizk: Pulp Fiction
Ryan Milner: Tastebuds
Group Exhibition: Off the Hook

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